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Chat gay free random. Lena became more outspoken and shared with me their wishes and cramped and I perfectly understand her, but she did not offer her more than anything. We were familiar with only a few days and I did not want to feel guilty afterwards that she could just.
Our walk continued to go further for the former ski slopes.

Snow is amplified, then calmed down and so we did not notice that came to the edge of the forest. Since the visibility was not very big, but it seemed to us that this place is familiar and we decided to go down and walk along the shore of missed and covered with snow, the river. In the open much more snow fell and falling and scooping snow boots over the edge, we moved very slowly.

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Constantly otryahaya snow to the feet was not so cold, we finally came to the rise and began to climb up. The snow was loose and feet slipped on the old run-up. I could not resist and fell right on his side, and Lena twice fell to his knees.

Vykatavshis in the snow, I still managed to climb without further falls, and Lena helped shake. Indeed, we were standing at the top of descent, where walked two days ago and still doubted, we descend down or not. Now we know that to the resort less than a kilometer.

We accelerated the move, as I began to feel the coolness after bathing in the snow and a little cold.
- And how are we to get my clothes – I asked Lena.
- Come across the sanatorium – she said.

I thought she was telling the truth and was indignant, because in this way I could see, although the snow still did not stop. Chat gay free random.

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