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Opening her eyes, she saw Sasha. He was standing in the bathroom and looked at her smiling.
Lera put her foot on the edge of the tub and her pussy opened to his view. She was pink and moist, water droplets sparkled on her cropped hairs. The sight of her pussy expiring deprived of his mind. He came in one motion and dropped to her knees.

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Her pussy was right on against his mouth. She felt his hot breath directly on the clitoris. Groaning, she pressed his head to the hot flesh and he began to caress her.
At first he just touching the tip of the tongue held on the lips, then began to caress the clitoris. His movements were slightly perceptible and brought furious pleasure. She moaned and barely standing on his feet.

Water from her body drops dripped on it, mixing it with juice and fell into his mouth. He licked more pussy sucking lips clitoris. He then licked, then thrust his tongue into her hot depths. Its juice was almost sweet and filled his mouth.

Excitation all grew and he felt it. He stuck his tongue into her hole and there it began to rotate, burning her flesh with his breath. From a petting her mind and almost passed out she came. Thick stream of juice flowed into his mouth.

But most of all he admired her throbbing body that felt right language. She eased and he picked her up so she did not fall. They stood arm in arm, her head resting on his shoulder, nipples rested on his chest.

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