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Chatroulette mature. Knew and kept silent. She was like a gateway drug, if a tranquilizer in our boring Puritan swamp. How sobering spoon fly in the ointment cloying stagnant righteousness. Sophie in his behavior seemed to say: desires of the flesh there, and they have to be considered.

It was easy, easy … like a moth around – in thought, word and deed … I still remember her clear and deep eyes. And when she looked at you, you feel as if she knows about your secret desires much more than you do.
Once we encountered on the floor after another sleepless night.

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Her eyes were clear, ironic and open, as if nothing had happened. She playfully tossed at me with his dark eyelashes and grinning gathered down the stairs. She knew – I, like anyone else is aware of what is happening behind the door of her room … But did not hesitate and was not afraid of this.

I feared the contrary met her gaze. We silently down beside it – the bannister …
Finally, I got over the embarrassment.
- Good morning …
- Hi, Jen – Sofia smile was sincere – I thought you’d never speak …

- Sorry, I’m not very talkative … Did you have guests?
- You yourself heard.
(It seemed to me that I started to blush.)
- Yeah … I heard they were coming …

Sophie smiled slyly: Just as they came?
I said nothing.
- Why are you afraid to say? It’s so scary?
- There are actions that do not talk about very accepted … – I managed.

- There are actions that can be performed, but you can not talk about them? Is that what you meant? Chatroulette mature.

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