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-You know that yelling? I live in this entrance, suddenly neighbors hear? – Hissed angrily at him girl.
-Then quietly come on … You’re gonna love my gorgeous princess. How do you like?
-Well, at least not in the entrance and …
-Wah! Ah, my guy krasavitsa. elated and breathed again pressed Lena.

-RUSTIC! I did not finish. – She answered separately and carefully looking into his black eyes continued:
-Do not have anyone to cut, we’ll remain as before-friends, and I agreed Dima girl?
-Did I not love you? – Sadly shook his head, with bluish black short hair Rustam.

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-Like you, but …
-Yeah, why – but ? Again this Dima? By Allah, slaughter it!
Lena smiled.

Yet she had never seen such passion and burning eyes.
-Let me rustic, not wiping my back wall! Would know what will end, would not go with you to the club. And remember that I’ll know only the good side. – Lena said smiling and gently pulled away, I noticed scratches on his arm from the nail, adding:
-For this, I’m sorry …
-Lenaaa … Helen, do not go! – Howled Caucasian.

-While Rustam. Thank you for spending. – Lena replied climbing stairs dilapidated porch.
-Mmm … – sorry he muttered. Then in two jumps and caught Lena stood in front of her.

-Then jerk me … And then go write a statement about rape. No strength to endure …
-I? Application for a childhood friend? Never write to me you did not.
-Well, Touch it, my sugar … please … I will not tell anyone-man begged, kissing the hands of Lena.
-Well, okay.

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