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- And what is the length of the pointer can shove in pussy – the guy asked.
- Well, I do not know – said Cristina.
- A pointer fully fit there.

- But surely not.
- And the anus.
- That the anus – Christina asked anxiously.
- Can trample the entire length of the pointer, I saw in the movie, as the men shoved back their huge bodies – the guy pulled pointer of pussy and sent to the anus.

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- No – Christine cried, but it was too late, treacherous ass missed pointer inside, no matter how trying to squeeze Christina anus.
- O. .. nd she quietly went there – the guy kept pushing further into the pointer.
Christine stood up abruptly, that pointer came out of it.

- I do not need to hurt – Christine said, of course, she lied she just did not want that then the whole school knew that a teacher of Russian language and literature still fucked in the ass.
- Okay, I will.
Christina went down to the floor.
- All you knew all that I wanted, I’m free.
- No, I want to stick his penis in your vagina.
- And how do you want it – Christine asked the guy.

- I want you to go crawling on the floor like a cat, and I was in the annexe Zadeh as a movie.
- So you will not be safe.
- And how to be comfortable.

Kristina lay back on the bench desks and threw his feet on the desk nearby.
- That’s the way let your body here.
The guy took off his pants and underpants segment was he was a very small boy approached his teacher and lay on top of her and tried to insert his segment, but he that does not happen.

Kristina has got a hand under him and sent a cock. Chaturbate cams.

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