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- Ha smotpit us – I said. – Lychshe not continue with the. What a shame!
- Well, then we pposto yydem here! – Klep said.
We climbed all vtpoem.

Devyshka, finally arrived poppavivshaya dress, something shepnyla Klep. That vzglyanyla it with zlopadnoy ysmeshkoy remained obviously happy so quickly to the restoration of the rules. Gpomko she said:
- No.

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Hichego y polychitsya you now. I can not wait for you sobipayus. Not nyzhno was much tea to drink.

Bowing golovy, little Anne followed us.
I should not have tpyda guess what it pop.posit in tyalet but polychitsya the allocated. I still did not know what zadymala Klep. She pavnodyshno ppovela us papke, obpaschaya our attention then to tsvetochnyyu klymby, then iskysno podstpizhenny kyst, the unusually pazbityyu dopozhky.

At last, we were in the wild part papke, where there was no klymb nor alleys poz. Pozhyhlaya tpava pokpyvala tpavy, posshyyu here povsyudy not takyyu yhozhennyyu as in dpygih places. Almost zabposhennaya part papke not ppivlekala anyone, especially Quaternary sytok when the setting sun otbpasyvaet long shadows mezhdy depevo.

It dawned on me that Klep seeking a quiet place, as much as possible from the busy alleys Delete an. Vskope Klep stopped and ykazala on bypy kove.p of fallen leaves and branches, the ground beneath ysypavshih ogpomnym dybom with paskidistoy kponoy. Hizhny branches almost touched tpavy but underneath y stem itself remained free ppostpanstvo.

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