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Erotic camssex video chat. After the greeting, he started asking newcomers, as their name, where they are, so, purely from a little respect for them, that they knew little about each other.

When it was over, we took on all cameras, near me were two sisters, like they are from Brazil, uh … thought, two sisters brazilyanochki,
- Wonderful day today is a hearty, grumbled under his breath I
It took some time, and come 11 o’clock breakfast. All released from their cells and taken to our dining room, stood on top of the guards with guns, and conducted surveillance of prisoners.

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I stood not far from the canteen, and watched the Brazilians, and in my mind there was a cunning plan, I get it, once both sisters. I opened the cage in the dining room, pulling out guns just in case, and standing beside her, shouted at them
- Hey you, yes you, the Olsen sisters, alive to me
realizing who I mean, got up and looked at each other like that, each one, indecisive, slow step headed in my direction.

- Follow me
I said, waving his hand over, as if from the heat, and turned and led them to where I needed it.
- Tell until about yourself, where you are, as you call as rattled here, well, something else.
Sisters remained silent, and were frightened than that
- I think I asked the question
I repeated.

Then again not heard anything from them, I stopped abruptly, they are even slightly bumped into me.
- So, listen here
I could not resist.

- Either you are all telling me, or I’ll make you tell everyone why you got here, we all know about you, little whore. Erotic camssex video chat.

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