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- Shit, well, of course. – He said with a laugh, stopping between her boobs fuck and letting it stand. He led her to the bed and stood behind her knees, pulled off her elastic buttocks and tossed aside shorts, happy to discover that it does not have any underwear at all.

Left without shorts, Jill put one foot on the bed and bent over, holding back in his direction.
- Lick my pussy, Paul. – She said, glancing at him. – Lick pussy aunt.
Paul grabbed her buttocks and pulled them, his face pressed to her Mande eagerly plunging tongue between her wet labia.

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He licked his tongue around them and clitoris before you dive into it as deeply as I could. Jill moaned, enjoying his caresses, and then gasped in surprise as he moved up and licked her tight anus, before gently immersed in his tongue.
- Oh, baby, it is shamelessness. – She moaned, feeling the first time in the life of her ass treated language.

In the end, Paul the waist to his feet and one hand on her ass, prick stuck in her pussy.
- Oh, Paul … Until then you have a big. – She sighed as his dick plunged into her, slid back and forth and in the end, it turned out completely.
- Shit, Aunt Jill – he breathed. – I have long wanted to fuck you.
Grasping her hips, he began to fuck her harder and deeper.

- Oh, yes! Come on, baby! Fuck aunt! – Jill moaned. Huge dick her nephew pierced deep into her pussy with each thrust and she felt the approach of orgasm. – Fuck me …

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