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-Well, you give … You yourself suggested!
-Yeah, I mumbled, already poking head in his mouth.

He was rather short, but at the same time quite thick pisyun.
Yes … It was a complete thrill … I put two-thirds of dick in her mouth when I put her head into the back of the mouth. Then I started to pull it. When the mouth was only a head, I licked her tongue a few times, and put it under her tongue, swallowing became again this voluptuous body.

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After a few minutes he began to push deeper into my mouth and almost immediately began to throb his penis in my mouth and poured this sticky, warm and quite pleasant to the taste of sperm. It was very much, and I did not have time to swallow, so she began to trickle out of the corners of the mouth and run down his chin on his chest.

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-And do me a blowjob, huh?
I nodded and he began to drive them to me on the lips, spreading seed. Then knocked member cheeks as terry whore and force became push through it in my throat.

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