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Chapter 1
Came one of the fiercest battles of years of war between two rival tribes. Warlike tribe virgins Fire and fierce warrior tribe Jaguar. Scales luck inclined now to one, then the other side.

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In this battle, the odds were on the side of virgins Fire. Their fierce attacks caused significant damage to your army. Torrential rain flying arrows … cries of rage, pain, elation … How mad neighing horses …

You fought bravely, as the present incarnation of the god of war, but in this battle, you’re out of luck. Arrow struck your steed, you fell. Beat head on the ground, and you covered the darkness …
Unconscious was brought to you Fayrgrad and presented as a future victim main priestess of Fire.
Slowly …, jerks to you regains consciousness.

You’re trying to open his eyes, but closes them tight bandage. Hands and feet separated the sides and tied with silk cords. While you were unconscious, you have washed the dirt of battle, rubbed with fragrant oils. Now you are lying naked on a huge round bed, his back feel sleek silk sheets. And arms and legs tied to the posts holding the silk canopy.

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