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Sergei took a finger from vovkinogo anus caused some cream on his dick and put his head to Vovkinoy hole.

-Hold him by the shoulders, just in case, I ordered Sergey.Vovchik looked at me uncomprehending glazami.Ya lay next to her brother and hugged him. Sergey began by little press on the anus by a dick brother sold hole and missed Sergei prick inside.

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-Here it is, here it is, my tselochku,-he whispered, now I’ll run it is planted on the eggs. – Sergei began to slowly move his hips, his dick deeper into vovkinu ass pisyun his limp and hung funny kolbaskoy.Vovka moaned in clock movements Sergeya.Uzhe half Sergeeva vovkinu dick placed in the ass, but the remaining half was of considerable thickness vovkiny moans became plaintive.
-Reassure him-ordered Sergey, I started stroking vovkinu chest crush his sisechki I kissed his nipples and zhivotik.Sergey, temvremenem, deeper planting eldu his ass in the nursery.

I began stroking vovkiny cheeks, covered them with kisses.
-All got, I heard a voice-Sergei-pulled-up prostaty. I turned my head and saw that a member of the Sergei came to kontsa.Vovka trembling with zhelaniya.Sergey started Sew slowly and then faster to fuck my brother.

With every dive Vovk squeaked and fed ass meet dick.
-You feel good, I asked him in a whisper. – Yeah, groaned Vovchik.Ya broke down and began greedily kissing him on the lips. Free teen live web cam.

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