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Gay chat russian video. He silently listened to me, and only topped up my glass of juice when it ends. After breakfast we went to the city, he showed me the capital, which drove me mad. This newly rebuilt city …

Absolutely all new homes and buildings … The oldest building is only 15 years old … I love this city, these skyscrapers. There was a feeling as if I’m somewhere in New York.

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Until late in the evening we went, walking around the city, taking pictures, etc. When it got dark we returned home, had dinner, slept somewhere 2-3 hours at night and moved to a nightclub Chocolate. There just played my favorite Timothy. Only in the morning we returned home …

In the morning, open your eyes, I almost exploded with pain in the head. God, how much alcohol was consumed. I remember nothing. I remember only club, brother, Timothy, whiskey, tequila, absinthe …
I got up and went into the room Nurick. Oooh … I saw there. My brother was lying in bed, on the black sheets on a black pillow on a black blanket in white shorts …

As it was sexy. I abruptly turned away, but then returned his gaze to the fact that between his legs. I saw that under his pants … count.

In general he was. I’m just not a * Whelan of its size. I stood in the doorway and looked at him. I liked this picture.

Suddenly, I found myself thinking that I want to have sex now … with it. I felt ashamed and went away from there. In the bathroom, I noticed that my panties were very, very wet.

I climbed into the shower cubicle, warm water caressed my young body, I felt good, I started to get excited at the thought of my brother. Gay chat russian video.

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