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Gay chat sex online. Damn. How uncomfortable.
Cyril carefully helped me catch my breath
Reassured taxi driver who became nervous. We reached the place and the guy brought me to the apartment.
He lived alone.

And I was almost sure that he Cool guy. Yes, and in the money. He invited me to quickly throw things in stiralku and then on the heater to dry and most go into the shower to freshen up and sober ..
Would not be charmed by his charisma, I would hardly go.
But me and thought there was no bad.

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I went to the bathroom and went mad about forty minutes in cold water ..
Came to an almost one hundred percent. Cyril did not bother and I started thinking about just do that with a guy that should stir lightly.
Got out of the bath and quite blooming romance in anticipation ..
Mmmmm … And from that moment on holiday for me was over.

I wrapped a towel went into the hall, and stood on the doorstep …
Cyril sat at a table on which stood vodka glasses and what that zakus and next to him sat the whole Damn hefty tattooed guy in his thirties.
Besides that shirtless and with blue domes and more than that and the person he had all scarred broken broken.
I’m really scared.

A guy was on his good looks than that (all such manly strong) but I was not ready for such a company. In addition, both had bad apparently vmazat vodyary .. Kirill eyes were quite drunk and this felon is very shrill. Looked at me two pairs of men’s eyes arrogant drunk and I like a fool faint from fear .. A guy looked me up and down and said in a hoarse bass .. – yes chick norms.

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