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- This is debatable ..
- You can argue endlessly – Sophie interrupted me – but here’s a simple example: I called you and you came, though almost unknown to me. So, do you like me. You do not have the time to learn my soul, my habits, my thoughts … Based on this – you just liked my body and what it promises.

Summing small result we can say that the prospect you attracted to sleep with me. You just want me baby … so? Want to discover something new.
Sofia arguments were just iron. I do not know what to say to her, rather than to parry.

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She was right.
- Do not be afraid to admit to their desires – Sofia handed me a cup of hot coffee – life is not complicated, people make it complicated.
I took a sip of coffee … it was hot and strong.
- You have nothing to fear – added Sophie – You did the right thing. You made your move. Now is the turn for me.

I did not know where to hide from the stupidity of his position. Run – flashed in his mind – Now run …
Sophie put her cup on the table and deftly undid the top two buttons of his robe. Flooring him immediately opened and I saw a young tanned chest bardovye taut nipples.
I finally speechless. Like it? – Sophie looked at me and smiled playfully. Of course, I liked it.

I’ll be with you … – Sophie continued, slowly unbuttoning the rest of the buttons – Maybe not even once … You sipatichen me …
I jumped up and eagerly pressed his lips to her shoulder …

She opened easily but firmly pushed me: Not so fast … Gay online chat with stranger.

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