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Finished we both fell asleep in the sauna.

In the morning we were awakened by his brother (Max 22 years) we were completely naked and highly embarrassed … But Max went without saying not a word … We meet with Dima for 2 years and going pozhenitsa.

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Hello everyone, I’m 18 now Nastya, but 2 years ago happened:
I met a boy (on the internet) in the eyes of each other we nevidel and as he said he would not talk to me because he did not see me, I said that we will just see what we communicate, he sent me! And so we motyukalis each other until I offered to meet just look at each other, he called to his home.

I came, we drank tea, and suddenly I felt so bad that she lost consciousness. I woke up naked on the bed, he stood by and watched, I wanted to immediately get off the bed but he would not, he was so strong:
-Hey now you’re mine! Crumb
-let me go!!

-No, you do not remember what I Dima with a B-10 And then it dawned on me that it’s a bully Dimka that I loved so much but I did not even think about having sex with him, he was not in my plans!
-Dima! Let please! I don `t know it was you!
-Nah baby got all!
-Dima please I’m still a virgin!!

Dima-rolled his eyes and even stopped for a few seconds but then said:
-Well, the better you’ll remember me forever! Gratis handy sex chat.

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