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When he took off his shirt, I do not voluntarily covered breasts with her hands .. but he pulled them and said quietly, Zai, what you do not be shy .. … when he saw my chest, he said that she is beautiful :) He began gently kissing her, biting her nipples, from the body I ran like electrical discharges.
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He would have to remove her panties, but I stopped him and said, That, I’m afraid .. I’m still a virgin .. and not know what to do … Lerka, most importantly relax … I’ll try to do as much as possible .. more tender. I relaxed, but still a little worried.

Artem pulled off my panties, it was a little uncomfortable (from the fact that on me naked, looking guy) .. he fell down to my pussy and began to greedily lick, suck clit … From my chest a few moans escaped it … was very cool .. I did not notice that Artem is too bare … his friend was quite large and was standing. Subject told me to push the legs.

When he put his head to a member of my pussy, I tensed ..
He kissed me very passionately, and said that everything will be fine. Pressed and then … abruptly entered a second … in the eyes darkened, I screamed and tried to push Artem, but he still put his arm around me and kissed me … like easier.

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