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Chapter 2. Breakthrough.

To be honest, I thought that on this network and cafes all over, but I was wrong. You have no idea how wrong I was.
The first action I prepay dead souls for the group “VKontakte” to our group loomed first when searching for groups, but it was not necessary.

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The first customer was the most important, he brought us and everyone else.
What work we have just not taken: we have checked the quality of service clubs, banks, bars, shops, but it is not so interesting as compared with special tasks.
Under special tasks I mean check the quality of security services.

Then took one of my acquaintances who could very ably represent a suspicious person, something like the film of Jean Reno Leon. Were the banks, about which he could not even thirty meters suspiciously go with a tube and had such security which would not even be moved if he got a real grenade.
Work has been through the roof, we could barely cope with the orders.

By the end of the first year we have worked on more than thirty people, and then I, as the leader of our illegal organization, decided that we need to go to the next level and create a “LLC”.
- LLC? And how will we be called? LLC “Professional provocateurs”
- Professional provocateurs Masha, Sasha, Shura, Mix?
- You do not like?
- I do not know.

Somehow ..
- We certainly do not need a suitable name.
So we created LLC “PPMSSHM.” We rented an office in the center and earn huge money by completing various sometimes unbelievable, but most banal tasks check service level so on. I pad friendly sex chat.

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