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- One can not escape her go and tell the police or cause.
- No, I will not tell anyone, I’ll just go to the bathroom – says Christina.
- Okay, Naquin on anything and go – I said.
- Stand up, please – Christine said Grisha – I’ll take your things.

Grisha crawled on our shelf, Christina took off shirt that was on her, lifted the shelf and put it in the bag, pulled out of the bag a long blue shirt and put it on. Then she took the blue shorts of denim material and wanted to wear.
- No, it’s not necessary – I said and took the shorts – it goes, only covered the bottom of the shirt if the bend, then all will be seen that under her T-shirt.

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Christina took a towel and wiped the remnants of sperm from her face.
- You can go.
I first got out of the coupe, the window was dark in the car or who did not have all slept, turning, I nodded and took Christina’s hand went to the end of the car to the toilet for us was Grisha.

Going to the toilet, I opened the door and looked inside, it was empty, skipping ahead Christina, went after him.
- So here I am no where, not going anywhere – Christine said.
- In any case – I said – Come Grisha.

Grisha also entered, the place was quite small, I can barely shut the door.
- Uncles turn away, I’m too shy to do it in public.
- Yes neither shy here all his own – I said – let’s do their business faster.
Christina climbed an iron bowl and slightly lifted and shifted beacons feet together.
- No, so neither will we, too, want to see any truth Grisha.

- Yes – I held it Grisha.
- Come Spreads legs and bullying beacons top – I helped lift up the top beacon – just like good nor true, Gregory. One on sex video chat.

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