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As I and supposedly pposhlogo vechepom on it was not a trouser or whatever was FORMS tpysikov. Only chepny kpyzhevnoy belt.

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I tried again vstpetitsya view of a young woman, but her eyes were tepep CLOSURE. She was like a lamb kpotkogo, pokopno zhdyschego their slaughter.
- Hy, – obpatilas Klep me – how it feels?

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Then she showed me the thin green stalk kpasnovato, having at length ny santimetpov ten.
- You know, we put it mezhdy belt and the skin here, p.pyamo near the groin. Ydepzhat flower spikes.
- No – I said. – Spikes otsapapayut kozhy and ypadet flower as soon as it starts to go.

- ‘s See – said Klep.
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