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-Open mouth, ‘said Jack, and warm nipple immediately appeared in my mouth. I made sucking movements in my mouth gushed streams sweetish hot liquid. It was extremely good.

I closed my eyes and began to greedily drawing in these streams. Eugene groaned. I opened my eyes and looked at her and asked:
-Are you hurt?

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She looked at me from under half-closed eyes and whispered:
-No, honey, I feel good, very good, drink …
The next day, as soon as I came, she said:
-Come on now will not be doing, and play, well, like yesterday. I was still under the impression of what happened, and agreed.

-Now I’ll take a dip, and then feed the. Good?
She went out and came back in a nightie, with a large towel.
-Let’s go to the bathroom.
She scored warm water section and I landed in the water. Soaped washcloth and gently rub became me from all sides.

Touching her tender hands were very pleasant.
-Now stand and turn-ka.
I got up and felt her hands on his ass.

I began to roll on some waves unlike any pleasure. Then she gently turned me into his hand and began to lather gently stroking the inner surface of the legs and Picea. It felt so good that I could hardly stand on his feet, pisya rose and stood upright now.
-Wow, what did you get big-Eugene surprised.

Having washed me and wrapped in a towel, she took me into the bedroom and laid on the bed face down. And, before I could turn around, as I head to toe covered with something soft and hot. Then it slowly crept something, and I felt the back, legs and ass soft and warm touch of fabric.

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