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Online live erotic chats. He literally dragged me somewhere. On the way he stopped several times and looked around, as if afraid of something, clutching me to her, eagerly squeezed my breasts under her dress, hastily kissed, and again we rushed deeper into the woods.

Around suddenly brightened, and we came to a small clearing in the middle of which stood a tall sturdy tent.
-This is my hiding place. Look.
Leaning forward, I looked into the green gloom and immediately felt like Robert, pushing me, literally pushed me inside.

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Inside was a mysterious and cozy. Bench was left from fresh twigs, covered with blanket. And on the right, a small table with a candle and some candle book.

Robert sat on the couch in front and pulling me down, sat next to him. I saw that he was somewhat excited, but did not understand anything.
-Did you see a naked man? – After a pause asked Robert.
-No, of course – I said, suddenly blushing at his words.

-So, to you all became clear and understandable, I’ll show you that man has designed for women. Take this book.
I picked up a book in hand and opened it somewhere in the middle.

By surprise, I did not understand what was depicted in the picture, but after a moment, peered, realized that this naked man and woman. The woman was on her knees, her mouth was slightly open in a blissful smile, breast droops down hard, and the man, holding tight to her hips pressed against her bare belly.

Glancing over my shoulder, Robert almost snatched my book:
-So you would not understand – he opened the book at the beginning and pulled me – here, look! Online live erotic chats.

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