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Screaming she hesitated, but what do you do! While Mary hesitated, she felt his other hand on her ass! The same arrogant, but already another person! Masha surged sharply, trying to escape to another place, but it was in vain – the guys were a solid wall, and never allowed. Other passengers could not see anything behind them.

- Denser stand, do not let her, she heard an excited whisper Diman, and realized that he was trapped.
Boys, meanwhile, grew bolder: on the ass was already one of two hands and two arms of the second. They roamed everywhere, and has climbed to the skirt. Masha twitched again.
- Keep her hands – she heard.

Immediately two strong arms pinned to the rail handle girls, for which she held and squeezed her body guys even tighter. Masha cheeks tears flowed. Victim was fixed, now it was possible to do anything. Oh, why did not she changed clothes skirt, stockings and even left! Now it was so easy to get to her panties! The girl sobbed softly neighing and boys.

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