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Sex chat moldova. Carefully entering the basement, I decided not to include on the light, the good and well-focused there could find a way to touch. But coming to our place, I saw the light, at first I just thought it was the last time just forgot to turn off, but when I came into our little room where we hung it was stupefied.

Artem sat on the couch with his pants and underpants and masturbate his penis. We saw each other at the same time. He pulled his pants scared and blurted
- What are you doing here?

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- Nothing I just came.
- Get out of here!
Evil told me Artem.
- Why?
- Because!
I realized that Artem mad at me for what I saw him in this situation.

And the fact that he was probably too ashamed. And then I decided.
Artem cute not repulse me!

I will not tell anyone what you did! And anyway you want I’ll be your girlfriend! I will suck your dick and then you let me fuck?
I blurted out, and then horrified that I said.

Artem same evil continued to look at me.
- What can you Malyavka? What do you know about it?
- Yes I can!
- Come on, prove it!

Then realizing that I have nowhere to retreat, silently walked over to Artem, and stood in front of him on his knees on the dirty floor of the basement, and she withdrew with him his sweat pants with shorts. Member Artem still standing, and although he was not as big as at Pasha or his uncle Sergei, he was still very beautiful.

Although it smelt of urine and sweat, I still bravely opened her mouth and took it in her mouth began to suck diligently doing his head back and forth motion. Sex chat moldova.

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