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- Well, my children and my wife, and now we’re almost home.
- On the highway, we quickly get to Essen.
- And there to the house at hand, rightly said? – Asked cheerfully, turning to the young, dad Henry and smoothly moved.
- Correctly – laughing, answered Ksenia and Vladimir.

- Mom Please include Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers – asked Volodya.
Under the fragrant flower rustling music they raced through the night in Germany, like clockwork.
- And the people here almost asleep.
- Not that we kolobrodnichaet – surprise noticed Xenia.
- That’s exactly – Volodya agreed.

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After four hours shy dawn. The road led to the elevation and intricately tulilas between low mountains. Ksenia still thought – And suddenly appear in this turn of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales characters, such as Hansel and Greta, that would be great! .
Her fantasy dispelled warning Volodya
- Pope, in the mountains on the road can be frost, Slow down.

- Fater, in den Bergen auf der Stra # 223; e kann ein Nieselregen werden, zu verlangsamen, – Volodya already dubbed in German.
- Zero degrees – a barely audible whisper it.
- Spielen!

- Aye! – Repeated dad.
Suddenly leaving at a decent speed due to the stone ledge overgrown bushes, the headlights flashed silhouette deer.
- Fater, Hirsch! – Called Volodya.

Women screamed.
Papa Henry braked sharply turned the wheel to the left to avoid a collision and the car flew into a ravine.
- Everyone on the floor, hold on! – Shouted dad …

September 1st afternoon black hearse drove to the end of the hospital building Elisabeth-Krankenhaus city of Essen. Sexchat ua.

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