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Putting money, I left the store, went across the road. People almost was not, but suddenly I felt at someone’s vzglyad.Ya turned. Anyone.

Strange … But the dark night, I just could not see passing near a person or a dog. But when I turn, I again felt the withering glance. I was embarrassed: perhaps this look as if undressing me as if beckoning for him.
I stopped to look around: on the street was not a soul in the windows of houses here and there is a light.

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Here, passed me Love couple holding hands and constantly smacking each other on the lips. I also wanted at the time of life at the site of this girl: she had a boyfriend now, under the protection of, and I’m all alone … By the way, I at that time was a guy, but where he is now, why he ene with me?

And why should I have one protiivostoyat all the blows of fate?
I was scared, heart pounding, and I quickened her pace, but I felt the steps behind him. I will stop, and the steps disappear, I will go, and the steps for me, I’ll run and steps run after me.

But as soon as I stop to turn around, and again, I see darkness, emptiness and not a single person on the street. What is wrong with me? Maybe I’m crazy?

Did not need to drink a lot of coffee at night. But then I saw the shadow of a man approaching me. My heart seemed to stop!

But before the house was still quite a bit, you just collect all the will, all the power and speed of running, as soon as possible to be at home, in a warm cozy apartment, catch your breath, drink tea, call a friend and go to bed. Skyp onlin chating web.

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