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Tottaly free sex chat. Then he turned his head and looked out the window at the field ground lemon, whispered: – Six dandelions in two rows of four and a handful.
- True, they are beautiful, you saw them too? – Asked Sasha.
- Very interesting – my mother said, continuing gladly wipe cloth stomach, arms and legs.
He had not slept all night.

He wanted to plunge again into a fist mother and again to experience the coming of seething blood.
She had not slept all night. She was crying with happiness that my son had happened potency and erection.
- Sasha can go on the amendment?
- Be able to see and walk? – She thought reading some prayer, which came first to mind.
- And if not?

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- And what to do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow?
- Now he’ll want to continue, and to me … what to do? – She thought and could not find an answer.
Part 3.

Parallel light from the window light is not drowned off the chandelier in the bedroom. For several hours, the mother sat on the edge of the bed at the feet of sleeping son. Tears of pity, despair and love dripped onto camel blanket with deer.
- Who is here? – Asked Sasha woke up.

- Mom?
- You cry, and why?
- I’m not crying. I just have a weak cold, – cunning, she said.
- And me something presses against the stomach. This wheel truck, mom look very sore and squeak, squeak ache – loudly said Sasha.
- Son no wheels on your belly is not.
- And … squeak … squeak …
- Squeak wants to write, so she grew sharply, so sore and aching.

She looked at her son lying, and isosceles triangle blanket puffs up between the legs Sasha. Tottaly free sex chat.

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