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Urdu video chat. This position is most convenient, because Tanya always wears pants and undress till the end, we do not take risks. Though the door and locked, but still I’m at work.

Reference may be made that there is a process, but at least a couple of minutes it is necessary to lift the door, suddenly the bosses. And we’re not soldiers to dress up in 45 seconds.
Tanya asked many times to come to the skirt. Would take off her panties and cunnilingus do easier, and can be on a chair facing each other. But she always comes in the pants.

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Here, Lowered them Tanya strung on my dick, I slips one hand under her blouse and caress his chest and the other Tereblya clitoris and lips. Tanya writhes and moans, and as always I do not have time to pull out and finish it. I already have this case ready syringe with a solution of potassium permanganate.

I’ve been doing her an enema in the vagina, I process a pleasure, and my weary cock twitching feebly, trying to get up again.
And finally, I’m home.
- Honey, why are you so long? I been waiting for you.
Wife hugs and kisses me on the lips. All day is over! Dinner, e … Xia and sleep.

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